Now, Where We Belong

Genre: Mysticism & Fantasy

A sweet tale of Magic and Mysticism! I hope you enjoy it!


Credit: Favim

Now, Where We Belong


It had been years since she had played, or maybe it was days? Shaking the momentary confusion out from her mind, Sophia Maxwell-Bell ran her long, slender hand along the wooden edges of the piano as she circled it, eyes transfixed. She lifted her head to the skies, closed her eyes and breathed a full amount of fresh,crisp morning dewy air into her lungs relishing every second, the smile not leaving her face. “Oh, it feels great to be alive” Sophia thought as she returned her gaze back down to the piano.

She didn’t know where she was.

“Sophia, Sophia!” The draggled sounds of her acquainted friend called out to her.

“Here Manuel, I am by the beautiful piano”.

Manuel staggered towards her clearly in much pain as he almost dragged his left leg to follow the other. Had he been stabbed? Shot by an arrow? Sliced by the paw of a bear? “Manuel, Manuel, what happened to you?”

“The men Sophia, they saw me, they know where I am hiding. Please, it is no longer safe, we must go.”

Looking around, shushing her friend, Sophia listened for the men that Manuel were talking about. She heard nothing. And got straight to work on the damage done by whatever it was to Manuel’s leg. Tearing cotton from her hem, using the clean dewy moisture from leaves cleaning the flesh then carefully bandaged above it to stop any blood from being lost. She could see Manuel’s shock and took the brandy from his back pocket and made him sip before she poured a little onto the wound to disinfect. All the while pleading he muffled his sounds of agony.

In hushed whispers they talked, Sophia first, “These men, who are they?”

“They are the scavengers of the dead – The Soul Preyers – and we are in great danger, we must, must get going before they find me, us, here, we must go, now!”.

Sophia hauled Manuel to his feet, steadying him as he tested the weight of his pained leg, he could walk, all but wincing as they stepped towards the thickest part of the forest. They would seek refuge with The Mage, and hide from the scavengers that were craving their bones and coming for their souls.

Manuel’s leg was slowing them down, Sophia took regular stops to listen for they Preyers and when she was sure, they would move on, that being the only times of rest.

The Moon now was high in the sky shining its brilliance over the forest, and that’s when they heard the sound: It was the bone-chilling howl of their persecutors, they were gaining space on them, they had to hurry. Manuel and Sophia hurried their steps. “It’s not far now” Manuel spoke gasping for air, “Through those trees, just there, see? When we get there – we must hurry – I will alert the Mage of our coming and he will give us safe shelter”.

Obeying his word Sophia focused hoping they had enough time before they were seen. Entering the thicket, manoeuvering past gnarled branches that shot out like daggers, scratching both their flesh, they finally stopped as they reached its other side.

A short man, a very short man, gestured fervently with his arms motioning them to quicken their step and to follow him. He lifted his arms and swept the air; the trees obeyed him, parted,  and they went through. With a last mumble of words, the opening was closed. “Sit, sit down, my friends, I shall bring what I need to repair our friends wound. And of course Tea for you my dear”. The Mage stepped through a heavy, velvet red curtain that hung from the top of this ‘place’ – whatever this place was, and he was gone.

The place was like a cove, small and circular. They both sat at a simple round wooden table with three stools, “An odd number” Sophia thought. And there were rugs across the earthen floor, a fire burning on the opposite side where a large, comfortable seeming armchair sat, on its arms a pile of books. Sophia breathed in and took in the aroma and scent of the cove, it put a smile on her face as the warmth and safety enveloped her ; She made the right decision to allow Manuel to bring them here.

She hadn’t heard the Mage return, but he came equipped with a folded cloth in one hand and a cup of tea in the other that he sat delicately in front of her motioning to drink while he unfolded the cloth on the table. Without looking up from his wares he softly spoke to Manuel “They can smell your wound, we must hurry to heal the torn flesh”. With that he helped Manuel’s painful leg upon his seat and got to work on the torn calf with his magic. He poured, he sprinkled, he dabbed and with a final press of his hand, when it was lifted, the wound had vanished leaving not even a streak.

“Now”, he caught both of their attention, “You must now go to where you belong” Sophia felt a surge of sullenness. The Mage continued. “It’s been 600 years since you passed away my dear, that is why the soul hunters are appearing now. Your time is up” Sophia’s brow was creased trying to figure out what he was saying to her.

The Mage swept his arm to hs right and a large silver, shining portal he opened. He took Sophia’s hand in both of his and gently spoke. “Your loved ones are waiting, my dear, there, you need to go to them, 600 years is a long time in this netherworld. You too Manuel” His focus now on him. “Them, ‘The Preyers’, have come to collect your souls as bounty and they will not stop looking until they find you both. They now have your contract”. Sensing their confusion the mage decided to call forth their most precious loved ones through the portal – each of their spouses. They both stood and hurried towards their beloveds. “Is this true?” Sophia asked her dear husband who simply nodded. “But why? Why have I been here for this long?” He gently whispered to her that all will be explained once she steps through with him.

Suddenly, the sound of thunder and lightning broke the gentleness that was. “Go! You must go, now! They have found you! There is no time, Go!”.

The Mage hurried around casting spells and creating magic to disrupt the seekers. Out of concern Sophia took his hand “But, Mage, they know where you live, you will be harmed!” The Mage smiled warmly at her. “Go, my dear, Manuel, you too” And with that the Mage disappeared as well as all the familiarities of his cove. Sophia turned to her beloved, they had a fraction of a second to leave before The Preyers claimed their bounty. She looked across at her friend Manuel and smiled. He smiled back. And with that they both took each of their partners hands and jumped through the portal.

The Portal closed just as The Preyers entered the Mage’s cove.

For now, at least, the Portal will remain closed. But only for as long as another wondering, lost soul needs it opened up once again and helped safely back to the Other Side where they belong.

* * *

The Piano Photo prompt from the site of Kellie Elmore’s ‘Free Write Friday’

Modern Day Fairy Tale

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”                 -C.S. Lewis


Find that magical place in your world…and live there.


Once upon a time there was a rather sad, unhappy and fearful child who only ever had one wish – to be older. She didn’t like being a child, she didn’t like how she was being treated and the way they spoke to her, ignored her or talked in whispers about her. All this girl wanted was to be old enough, just like them, so she would be free.

One day she decided to cast a spell, one she’d read in a spell book. She wrote down her one desire, spoke some kind of chant and buried the ripped up pieces of paper into the ground hoping one day her dream would come true. This was the only other wish she had:

A wish for the perfect man (spell-casting at age 8).

Years went by, each as bad as, if not worse than the previous year. This little girl, from a young age knew one thing for certain and only that one thing – life will never be kind to her. So, on instinct – survival instinct – she did what she had to do to survive.

After a series of unpleasant and disastrous events, the now 34-year-old child was ready for change as she had it up to her eyeballs of the way she was being treated. So, she made one tough choice to break free and make something of her life….And then the fairy-tale began, or so she thought.

Mr.Right finally showed himself and there was so much love between them, they were the two happiest pair going. But, they got caught. He was sent on leave and they were never to speak to and see each other again; it broke both their hearts in two. She no longer cared or felt fear of even dying. Morbid yes, but she was through with her life and the one thing, bringing so much happiness into her life, was taken away from her. That was when the nightmare begun.

Over time, twists and turns exposed themselves – no-one had her back, except for the man she loved. But still, the strain got to him too and bitterness, anger, resentment, pain and frustration began taking over both of them. Fate had played them a hard hand: Fate too had also given them the biggest gift of their lives –  one another.

Will they get past all that stand in their way? Yes. Will the nightmare be ever over? Yes. Why? Because they have three things in common: Unbreakable Love; Unwavering trust; And a strength that is beyond measure. Many have tried to break them apart and failed – there’s not much left these two can have thrown at them. They are in Love. Therefore, they will then, live happily ever after!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story was created with the aid of the FWF ‘Free Write Friday’ prompt from the dear Kellie Elmore  <3

The Evil That Finds Me

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while – I live in an Amusement Park!

Here’s a tale that just might make you think, a little maybe! ;)


VisDare 69: Vigilant

Thank you Angela for another cracking picture prompt! (source here).

* * * * *


The Evil That Finds Me


I’m hanging on to every breath I take, the beating of my heart pounding in my chest.

I can hear their howls, the demonic noises coursing through my blood, fracturing my bones.

I cannot make a sound.

I cannot move until I hear them at a distance. I need to get back, and return quick to my own realm, not this, not theirs, not this….

I hear a sound, my breath holds. Then a hand grabs me, yanking me with its force to my knees, until I am at its foot.

“Little, light one” it snarls down on me. I cannot look. This is it. Me. I’m theirs.

Thunder booms and cracks like fire and ice. The Heaven I know begins to fade, leaving me, I cannot control…


The air begins to glisten.

The Demon releases its grip. It screams, piercing my ears with so much pain, then its last breath is gone .

I am being gently pulled. Back, back toward the light, back toward my realm.

Angels cradle all around me. I am back!

Back behind that very thin line: That thin line which separates good and evil.

Forever, I shall now tread very carefully.


* * *




A Dangerous Game


Here’s another one of Angela’s great photo prompts, enjoy the story!

VisDare68: Precarious

A Dangerous Game

Philip Smith was approaching the Final of the Grand Master Chess tournament and he needed to win the money, bad.

“Hello Mr. Smith, I’ve come to help you. My name, Sir, is Diablo.”

Philip sold his soul in exchange for a different perspective on his upcoming match to defeat his opponent. The other guy was good and Philip needed to see through his competitors strategy to ensure the prize money would be his.

(My friends, look at the photo – That was the new perspective Diablo had given him).

“Okay! I give up my ability to play Chess at all, Diablo, as long as you return my perspective to me”

Diablo granted the request. Philip returned, right-side up. And he also played in the Chess final… But he won.

He did not understand how that was possible, until he checked his bank balance. No money from the win was in there.

Diablo appeared…

“Where is my money!”

The Devil smiled.

“Did you honestly believe you could bargain with me?”

“I said I’d lose my ability to play Chess!” Philip screamed.

“Yes, that’s right, you did…. But your soul? You should have asked for me to return that to you instead”

Philip then realized, he had played his last, final game.

And lost.

* * *

This Blog’s 1st Year Anniversary!

Picture of shampaige

Picture of shampaige (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, WordPress sent me a ‘Happy Anniversary’ note to mark my 1st year, on this day, that I began writing this blog. Okay, I had a six month break, but still ‘Victoria.K.Gallagher’ has reached its 1st year!! 

I never thought that I would learn so much, enjoy writing so much, seeing my writing getting better and meeting so many great people.

Starting this Writing Blog last year was a good decision and venture that I began and have stuck with.

I know I go very ‘quiet’ at times, but hey – I’m a creative type which doesn’t always come when summoned!

Nonetheless, I’m happy, I will be keeping this blog going and see what more happens! And of course, Thank You to everyone who ever reads my words – It is always appreciated!

~ Victoria :)

World Cup Digression: Apologies & Injustice

World cup England

World cup England (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I cannot believe the performance of a certain team – mine – in this years World Cup. I am utterly disgusted with England’s play. ‘We’ invented the game, football/soccer is England’s National Sport – and this is how we justify paying 10’s of thousand’s of pounds each week to individual players who let us down every single major tournament there is? It leaves a bad, bad feeling in me.

I’ve been following the World Cup, watching every game when possible, and I have to say the class of some of the teams are just amazing. I’m watching ‘Mexico-Holland’ right now and the skill with which is being played, it is no wonder England never even made it to the final 16, I’m not surprised at all: The teams that made it through are in a completely different league altogether.

England didn’t stand a chance.

Very frustrating, but despite our never-dying hopes, this is what has become to be expected: Sad, but True.

Who do I want to win? The team that plays the best and therefore is the most deserving; simple as that.

The frustration is prevalent; not only because we played shit, but how much our players are being paid – there is NO justification in that. I’m so annoyed, mad, angry. I’ll continue to watch the matches as some teams play very beautifully and for that reason, it’s good to kick back and enjoy the rest of the excitement from the comfort of the living room.

Apologies for my lack of posts, I have a lot going on and my writing had to take a back seat. I plan on writing some stories asap, along with working on my book too, so please don’t go anywhere… not just yet!

~ Victoria :)


Kitty & The Well

Sunday Photo Fiction

Thank You to Al for his Sunday weekly dose of Photo prompts for us to write a Flash Fic piece of around 200 words – give or take!

Wow! Can’t believe it’s a week since I last put fingers to keys… it’s been a crazy, crazy week! This story amused me so I hope it will you too! Vic <3


Kitty & The Well


64 06 June 15th 2014

Kitty stretched away her morning stiffness along with a big yawn as she came out of her slumber.

Lazily, kitty made her way through the house and into the garden. The flower bed was where she was heading, you know, to do her ‘business’.

Well, Kitty had a shock when she saw someone else had got their first. She swore under her breath at the monstrosity that stood in her spot.

“This will not do”, Kitty thought.

Having neatly covered her morning offering with soil, she decided to try and see what this thing was, after all if they were going to share the same flower bed they may as well be acquainted.

Kitty is a Cat; Cats take their time.

And 20 minutes later she was finally done sniffing the object.

“What’s this?” Kitty pondered. She was up on her back feet peering into some darkness that this thing possessed.

More sniffing, more peering. Even with her eyes she could not see what was at the bottom. Kitty suddenly became very nervous; she only had one life left.

After much thought, she decided not to risk jumping down into the hole to explore. But, with all this excitement, she had worn herself out.

Back in her cozy bead, yawning once more, she curled herself into comfort. She would somehow get to the bottom of this.

“The Dog! Of course!” Kitty thought before she dozed off. “He’d be game enough to go down the hole to investigate!”.

She’ll fill him in on her ‘find’ next time she wakes.

But for now, Kitty needed her rest. After all, she had to muster up enough energy to trick the dog into going down that Well for her.

And with that last thought, Kitty peacefully dozed off.


* * *

Sunday Photo Fiction 15th June 2014

A Stinky Situation

Sunday Photo Fiction


Thank You to Al for his Sunday weekly dose of Photo prompts for us to write a Flash Fic piece of around 200 words – give or take!

A Stinky Situation


Someone told me that shoes over a wire like this, signifies drugs for sale nearby. That may or may not be true. But you could use it for anything.

“Get dem stinky trainers out of ‘ere, dey stinking up da house!”

“Yeah, but Mum, someone gonna steal them if I leave ‘em on the porch”

“Me don’t care. Put dem in da washing machine den”

“Okay. Can you help me? I haven’t used it before”

“You seen me do it ‘nough times, wassa matter wit you?”

And with that, mother and son started the precarious job of getting poor Matty’s ponging trainers smelling of fresh Persil washing powder and summer dew fabric softener.

Sadly, it didn’t work. The odours simply mingled together producing a stench worse than before.

“Gimme dem, now!”

Poor Matty could only look on in horror as his Mother tossed his trainers up in the air for them to land on the cross wire.

“Der, now dey be fresh in a week. Job done”

And it was job done indeed. Matty now just had to figure out how he was going to get them down.

Maybe his Mother would help!


* * * * *

Sunday Photo Fiction 1st June 2014

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A Few Words that Will Help You Write

There are some of you who know how much I get crippled with ‘Writing-Self-Doubt’ as well as ‘Writers-Block’.

Well, I’ve found a little trick I’d like to share that has certainly got me off my arse and tapping on the keyboard. And they are:

… 2 plain A4 pieces of paper stuck on the wall opposite my writing space with 2 pieces of advice…

Just Write!


Write for You!

That’s it! No fancy lettering, no precise alignment either; just simply 2 phrases I picked up* that I would give a try to kick-start my literary engine…. And they do!

The message is this:

“Do whatever you have to make yourself write. Because every day of procrastination is a waste; especially when you know that you have the goods in you to write”

* Thanks go to Kellie Elmore for ‘Just Write!’ and Artfully Adelie for ‘Write for You!’ *

They inspired me – maybe I can inspire You! :)

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School for Vampires

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word Flash Fiction piece from an image prompt. Courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Friday Fictioneers | Miriam-Reuben

Friday Fictioneers | Miriam-Reuben Wisoff

 * * * * *

School for Vampires


PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast


Jason and a frightened Holly, hand in hand, stared at what was their way out to freedom.

“It’s okay Hol, the others said it’s safe – it’s our way out of here, what we’ve been searching for, for so long. It’s okay, I promise”

How reassured Holly was feeling was not close to how certain Jason felt.

“What if it’s a lie, a myth? A fantasy that we could ever break free of this place. I’m scared Jay”

“Keep hold of my hand Hol, and on 3 we run and leap”

They did. And were never seen again.

Nor their bodies found.

* * *

Friday Fictioneers May 30th Photo source here

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