The Neighbour

Genre: Tragedy


The Neighbour


It’s been 2 weeks and 3 days now that I haven’t laid eyes on her; it’s making me feel sad and ever more leaving me with that feeling of desperation. I know that I have lived here just 2 months, but when I saw her eyes – so blue with that wonderous gleam in them, I knew that I wanted to see her, every day if I coud.

I hear her come home 5 o’clock on the dot every day: I try to get to the peep-hole to get a glimpse of her, but I’m always too late. I keep missing her. I lay awake in the evenings in my darkened state thinking how I can see her. No answer comes. I think to myself if she feels the way I do, does she long for me too? All this is pointless, I have no money, I have no job and believe she would never accept me for what I cannot give to her. My mind is sad as I drift off to sleep.

In the middle of the night I hear banging and what sounds like cursing. I go to see what is happening. It is her! I rub my eyes as I look trying to make sense of what she is doing; then I see her lift out of her bag a mobile phone, wondering all the time what the matter is. She is calling a locksmith and then I realise why the curses coming from her mouth was about. I feel helpless, I have no spare key to give her, why would she give it to me anyway, I am just her neighbour. Then it dawns on me; she has no-one to call who may have another key; has she really got nobody in her life that she can call upon to help her get indoors?

My heart starts to beat; what if she is like me? has not many others to call upon the same as I haven’t?

She puts the phone away and leans back against the wall allowing a heavy sigh to part those lips, the lips I have many a time just dreamed of kissing. She has now slid herself down to the floor now waiting for the man to arrive. How long can I stand here peering? Why can I not bring myself to go out to her? I sigh to myself. And then something she does catches my eye – she is looking at my door like she wants some company. I smile and think that maybe she wouldn’t mind me sitting with her.

Fear creeps in. I don’t know what to do. We’ve never spoken properly, only exchanged greetings. Can I, should I? This is all becoming too much to bear so I retreat to the kitchen for coffee to help me think. As I sit I begin to question whether I should try and hold a conversation with the beauty that I have longed to be near. I then ask myself how I would approach her, what my opening line would be; do I sit next to her or do I stand? I cannot find any answers on how to go about talking to her. She may not like what I say, she might not even appreciate my intrusion of her space. I ponder some more.

I go back to the spy-hole to check on her and see her foot tapping impatiently on the ground. Is she doing that because she is bored, that she is fed up on waiting, or that she has no-one to keep her company? I cannot find the answer. I believe that if I went out now I may make her agitation worse. The self berating is starting to begin: Why did I not go to her when she first had this trouble and when she looked with longing right at my door on which I did not act. This is my fault. My one chance to be near her and I’ve blown it. I go back to the sofa and hang my head as I scold myself. 

I then begin to hear her and a male exchanging voices so I rush back to the door to look. I believe it to be the locksmith; until I hear him light-heartedly tell her she is silly for not calling him sooner and her apologetic words back that she did not want to disturb him. So she does have others after all. I watch as they carry on now quite jolly speaking with each other. Then he bends down, mouth on hers, arms wrapping around each other. I feel my breath still, she has a partner. How could I have not known this? My heart is in a vice. He tells her to stop apologizing, that he was only round the corner on the night shift. Then he holds her saying his hours will go back to normal by next week and he’ll be home like clockwork – at 5 o’clock.

I’ve lost. I want to die. I realise what a fool I have been thinking a woman like that I could ever stand a chance with. I make my way into the kitchen again for more caffeine. Something comes to mind and heart: I cannot live here anymore, not now, not now that I am aware she is with a partner. Stupid fool I’ve been. And I decide for the rest of the small hours I am awake I will be leaving in the dawn with my meagre possessions. I don’t know where I will go, but I can no longer stay with the woman who is next door.

I sigh heavily as I sit again in the comfort of the dark.

* * *

Today’s prompt is from’Full Circle Homeschooling’, on ‘Being Neighbourly’ with a twist! Check out the site as well as the prompt here!


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:) Hello to everybody that stayed with my blog until I was ready to start writing again…

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My Beautiful Swan

Genre: Romance



Framed Swans

ORIGINAL ARTWORK. ‘Used by Permission’ Copyright- Rochelle Wisoff-Fileds. view here! 


My Beautiful Swan


He makes my heart a flutter.

He steals a kiss when I expect it the least.

I love his hands, so warm and gentle.

His grinning and smiling makes me know I love him.

He teases me so funnily, with his one-liners.

He laughs at my stupidity and say’s it’s okay to be nuts: And for that, I love him even more!

He accepted me from the beginning, grew me, nurtured me, loved me.

Like the male and female Swans in this picture, my mate he is for life.

I know I got the picture prompt wrong… Forgive me.

For sharing this story meant more and worth every word.

Thank you!


* * *

This story prompted by the lovely Rochelle for our Friday Fictioneers. View the prompt and site here

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Bob, Dave and the ‘Find’ of the Century!


Genre: Humour/Humor


A "pay per view" telescope looking out to sea



Bob, Dave and the ‘Find’ of the Century!


After their brush with the law, Bob and Dave decided it was time to leave the south of portsmouth and head north to escape.

They went to Scotland.

“Dave come over here”



“Because, and?”

“I’m sure I’ve just discovered the Loch Ness Monster”

Bob had been peering through the telescope for about an hour, using up all the 10 penny pieces gotten from his and Daves ‘Pay-Phone robbery’ earlier that day.

“Dave, I’m telling you – it is the Nessy Monster”

Pulling himself up and thinking to himself his friend had truly lost his mind, he went to join Bob, if anything, for a quiet life.

“Look straight ahead without moving the lens and you’ll see her”

Dave took to the telescope.

“What the Heck!”

“See! I told you!” Bob beamed, unable to contain his excitement.

“It is ‘She’, the great beast. And it was Us that found her!”

Dave was pale as he pulled away from the lens.

“Bobby-boy, we got to go out there and catch it before anyone else does”

“I’ll man the boat, you get the net”

Dave returned to look.

“We need a flipping harpoon you idiot, not a net!”

With that, Bob and Dave continued on with their thieving ways to steal a boat equipped with all the neccesaties required for their grand mission.

But what they didn’t know, the Loch Ness Monster they were going to hunt?….Was nothing more than finger marks on the lens of the telescope.

Appparently it was a trick the local seamen conjured up. And the two thieves fell for it.

The Moore’s men were sure going to enjoy watching this specatcle!


* * *

*For more on the lovable rogues ‘Bob and Dave’ and their antics, have a read of ‘Boat’ – Watch Out!… This is where their shenanigan’s began! Click on here

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Beauty is in the Flesh

Genre: Disturbing/Dark

150 words




Beauty is in the Flesh


I stare, move my head from side to side and ponder that this is a new angle from which I have never seen my beauty.

Perhaps if I kiss this mirror my reflection will be me, as I am, so very pretty.

I kneel and I kiss.

I close my eyes excited to see that me, I change the way I am looking in this shiny object.

I take a breath and….

I look ugly! Why is this not showing my beauty?!


She’ll come running in a moment to me, me who is her little, beautiful princess.

“Mommy, this mirror I look ugly in, why Mommy?”

Then she explains that what I see is the reflections fault and that I am indeed pretty and beautiful.

Mommy always makes me feel better.

I stand up to go back into the house. But first I must do something.

I cough, and then at the horrid mirror, I spit my phlegm.

* * *


VisDare 75: Enamoured. Pop over here for weekly photo prompts! photo source here

Long Gone

Genre: Tragedy

100 words



PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot


Long Gone


We came back again. The van is still aged. The weeds intertwining with its machinery.

This wasn’t how we left it.

Have we aged too?


We just can’t move on.

The damage to the side of the truck is still there. The crash, it killed us. So why can’t we move on?

Because we want our baby girl who’s not here with us, her mom and dad…..It must mean that she didn’t die like us.

When we find her, we can be at peace, and once more be a family.

We walk away defeated.

Tomorrow we try again.

* * *

100 word Flash-Fiction over at Friday Fictioneers… here to view site & prompt. PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot



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I’m going into Hospital on Tuesday 19th August for a couple of weeks and then recuperating at home for roughly 6 weeks. (A routine Op and I will be fine!)

I cannot say for sure if I’ll be doing any writing in that time, though I like to think that I can! :) But If you don’t hear from me for a month, month 1/2, 2 months, you know that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth I’m just not up to writing, sadly….

……But, I am looking forward to putting my feet up watching Netflix & Amazon Prime!! ;)

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So to all you lovelies who visit my blog…. I shall see/hear y’all in a short a time as poss! :D

All be good now ;)

~ Love Vicky…. I’ll be back! xxx






Eye, Mouth & Lips,,, On Patrol

Genre: Humour/Humor


71 08 August 03 2014

*Hello friends… Look at the photo well to notice its place in the story! ~ Vic :)

Eye, Mouth & Lips,,, On Patrol 

“Eye, what do you see over there? I can hear something coming”

“Which way Mouth?”

“You’re the one with the eye” said Lips. “Look left, then right, dumbass”

“I am not a dumbass I’ll have you know…I was getting some shut-eye – that’s sleep to you, stupid”.

“Okay you two, pack it in!”…

“Eye, just please take a look around for us”

“Okay, what do I see?”…


“What is it!?” both Lips and Mouth yelled.

“It’s that blooming Dog from up the street. We’re going to get soaked again.”

“Chill out Eye” Lips said shrugging her off. “He might just walk right past us like we’re invisible”

“Chill Out!!” Mouth yelled..”He pissed on us last time, or has your dumbass brain forgotten that?”

Eye was becoming very, very nervous. “Well what are we going to do Mouth?”

Mouth had no idea. All he could think was ‘God, please don’t let him urinate on us again‘.

“Okay. Lips, Eye: Stay as still as you can. Under no circumstances move. Just act normal like we are not here”

Too late. Lips couldn’t resist the temptation to poke his tongue out at the Dog as he was just about to pass.

The Dog stopped, rather peeved at Lips’ action.

“You effing idiot!” Screamed the other two.

And then, down poured the liquid right on top of them. “Hmmph” The Dog retorted and smugly continued his walk.

“This is gross, it went in my eye…

“Yeah I know, It went in my mouth…

“Well it went on my bloody tongue!! And now I have to swallow his bloody piss!”

Eye and Mouth chuckled. It served Lips right for being lippy and aggravating the Dog.

They left him and his moaning to it. Then closed and zipped their appendages shut for the remainder of the night.

Except for Lips of course, who prayed desperately for rain to come and wash clean his pee-soaked lips and tongue. 

God he hated that Dog!


* * *

Sunday Photo Fiction

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Why I am a Bad Writer

I will tell you why I am a Bad Writer, and this was pointed out to me in an article which I read, and the guy who wrote it did not mince his words…. And there are a few reasons as to why I am labelling myself this ( and the article author is too ;) My piece here focuses on the words of my straight-talking friend – and there’s a funny bit too where I thought to myself “You’re a fine one to talk” which I’ll mention in a bit.

So, first on the list is:

Number 1: Procrastination

Anyone felt this? – I’m sure a few of you may have just said ‘Yes’ to that. That is my worst habit and makes me ‘My Own Worse Enemy’. I’m thinking too that it may tie in with my crippling self-doubt, but I can’t really use that as an excuse, and I’ll tell you why: Because I Love to write, simple as that. The story I just wrote titled ‘She Comes’ began with me being in a very low mood that did get reflected in the piece, but what came after hitting the ‘Publish’ button was interesting – my mood lifted considerably. I put that down to the following:

  • Expressing my mood using a fictional story
  • Great satisfaction in hitting ‘Publish’
  • That I accomplished something from start to finish
  • Interacting with others who are writing from the same prompt

These four things made a difference. If that is the case then… Why the heck am I not writing every day? Why have I not touched my WIP novel for weeks? And why am I not consistently writing on this blog of mine? Because, my friends, I Procrastinate. And according to article buddy, that makes me a bad writer, and, before anyone jumps to my defence, I agree with him, it is an awful trait especially for a writer:

The second thing he mentioned was also this:

Number 2: Not Enough Networking

I have had in the pipeline a blog post to write on the importance of Networking, yet I am guilty of not doing it enough – it’s true. My main SN ( Social Network ) is Google+, I’m on it, I’ve made friends, I’ve joined ‘Writing Communities’ but I don’t go on G+ enough… and that hacks me off ( back to the ‘Own Worse Enemy’ again ). There are some great, great people who are in my circles – mostly other writers – and I get given advice and support: But do I check in everyday to connect with those I follow and who follow me? No. And I am furious with myself for that. So my blunt article writer pointed that flaw out too.

   See, I fell into writing, it wasn’t a hobby as such, more of an interest, and I haven’t been writing long, but it’s only in the last 6 months that the light bulb has come on and I see clearly that it is even more than a hobby, I simply  love to write and it now is a major part of my life. But, But, But… Not doing the above two things is hindering me – I’m hindering my progress as well and my growth as a writer… And that’s not good. A writer friend once said to me after a passionate email I wrote to him regarding writing; and he said to me, “Victoria, if you weren’t serious about being a writer, you wouldn’t be so hung up about this subject”…. So the desire, passion, love of it is there…

On a positive note, and coming back to the article writer, I am doing some things right:

I Read A Lot

This chappy said that any writer who is worth their salt must, must, read, and not just the same genres you like, but to venture out and sample all: Now that point does go in my favour – I do read a variety of genres, not just that but lots of different writing styles too, and I do feel I am learning something new all the time plus getting immense enjoyment,( ahem…depending on the story and author of course ). But, as I dip into it all, that’s a tick on matey’s list.

The one that made me laugh was the subject of…

Typos, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, etc…

Yes, those are important – highly – and me personally, I work hard on spotting errors before I publish… I’m not perfect in this area, but I do my best. But this guy, geez, he had mistakes in more than one place – the words “That’s Rich” came to mind.

To wrap up….

Writing can be hard, I know I’m not the only one who struggles – unless you are Stephen King and Patti Larsen who can knock out books in a month, but I digress – so is it just a simple, plain old case of getting priorities in order? It probably is, that and a hefty dose of:

  • Motivation
  • Discipline
  • Habit Forming
  • Being Brave

If those are there then there wouldn’t be so many issues for me, maybe for you. Though, at this moment in time – I Am a Bad Writer!

I hope you enjoyed my post, leave me a comment in the box below, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts and lets all work on what each of our individual handicaps are and see if we can improve them!

All the best,

Victoria :)



She Comes

Genre: Supernatural 



She Comes


She has finally come for me. I know now that the day I’ve avoided 10,000 years has arrived.

There she stands speaking with her simple stare.

She penetrates in to me, reflecting back what my soul is.

I am trying to place a psychic barrier between us: She breaks through with ease. I place a white light around me: She still remains.

I thought I was immortal, but for that one good deed I done, this is my punishment.

I should have let my Sister die.

We live to maim, to kill, to destruct, to curse all we meet: We are the Evil Ones.

Yet for eternity I will suffer every wrong deed I have done to others – but each and every single one 10 times its fold… Over and over again.

As I mentally accept my fate, The Black Eyed Angel she swoops down on me and I am pulled to Hell:

I should have let my Sister die.


* * *

Thank You Angela Goff (website here) for this weeks corker of a photo (source here) in our Wednesday VisualDare, this week it’s #72: Rejection! Lots of fun as always; any writers out there, check out her site to catch the weekly Photo Challenge, it’s always a creative picture I can assure you!!

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