“Run, My Child”

Genre: Freaky, Disturbing, Dark



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“Run, My Child”


“We’ve trained you well, my little apprentice, and now it’s time for you to go”.

Ben was afraid; the people in the masks were all who he knew. 12 years ago, while his father was paying for fuel at a gas station, 3 of the masked men snatched him and took hm away: He was just 2.

The men in the masks became his family and they raised him. And in all that time, he never once saw their faces.

Daily they would train him until exhaustion made him drop: Running, combat, judo, gymnastics, swimming, karate. His mind taught to survive interrogation, toughened to survive torture. This he had all learned, and it was now his time to leave.

His Master took him out to the woods to say goodbye.

But, what Ben didn’t realize was that this training, this endurance, wasn’t for him to survive in the world – it was to survive them.

Ben was their prey – and, shortly after the goodbye, the hunt would begin.

* * *

A late VisDare (here), but this photo blew me away when I saw it and it just had to become a story.

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‘Daddy, Please Don’t’

(folks, this may be a trigger for some. read wisely)

Genre: Tragedy, Psychological, Dark.



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‘Daddy, Please Don’t’


Every day I see mommy crying. ‘Don’t cry mommy, please don’t cry’, and she wipes her tears while she is holding me close to her.

Daddy comes home and mommy always tells me, really quietly, to ‘be a good boy now, Daddy’s home and I need you to go to your room and stay there okay? go, go on’.

Daddy is shouting at mommy again. I see through my opened door my mommy on the floor crying: She has a bloody face again.

Daddy see’s me and yells, ‘get over here you little bastard. see? see what you made me do? you little shit’. mommy is begging him to stop, but it’s too late. Daddy hits me across my face and it hurts. But I won’t cry.

Daddy hits me again. Then he leaves, slamming the front door.

I crawl over to my mommy and we both sit huddled, and cry.

* * *

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Oh-no, not ‘That’ time again!

Genre: Humour/Humor – Idiocy!



Oh-no, not ‘That’ time again!



East Rock was really trying his best to wake West Rock. They had ‘Visitors’ coming in half-hour and West Rock needed to be up.

“OI!!!” East Rock shouted. “WAKE UP!!” he yelled.

That got West Rocks attention; he began to stir. “What time is it?”

Not again. East Rock went through this every single year: Solstice coming, Visitors approaching and, as usual, West Rock, totally forgetting the time of year – again – always needing reminding.

As West Rock started to get his bearings, he grumbled the same moaning that he did every year:

“Why can’t they go to Stonehenge or somewhere, why do they have to come here for their ‘Praying to the Stones’ ritual? Don’t they realize that their laying hands on me, whilst chanting some kind of weirdness, doesn’t actually do anything?”

“Just do it” East Rock implored.

So with a heavy, bored sigh, West Rock did as he was told and began to ‘Vibrate’.

How these people thought this ridiculous charade was some kind of ‘Spiritual Awakening’, he had no idea.

But West Rock did know something. He knew that once they laid their hands on him and felt ‘Something’, they would think he was great. And possessing that kind of ‘public greatness’ meant just one thing: He, nor East Rock, would be bulldozed down only to be replaced by low-cost housing.

So, on that fact alone, he decided that ‘Vibrating’ for these incredibly deluded people was, very much, in his favour to do so. And, with that, he quit his moaning, saw the positive, and did as East Rock asked him to: and pulsed away!


* * *

Today’s photo prompt by ‘Flash Fiction for Aspiring Authors’, which is on every Tuesday, and you can find it here.

‘Mental Wellness, Awareness & Health’

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Okay, this post is a little different because I have decided to include posts regarding ‘Mental Wellness, Awareness & Health’ to the mix to promote what I think is an important topic and would do well to be discussed. I have written about my own Depression and how that felt, but I want to encompass more in to the fold.


I debated with this decision and came to the conclusion that if ‘I’ chicken out of talking about it then I am one less person who wants to bring the subject of Mental Health and Wellness out of the dark ages.


Many people, lot’s in fact, have suffered some sort of experience where they haven’t felt too great. And, many have seen a relative and/or friend go through a tough time. The sad part is that there is a stigma attached which can usually make people feel ashamed and prone to isolating themselves – this is the reality which many live in, and though changes are happening, there needs to be more people discussing it to detach those negative associations and bring about more understanding.


People from ALL walks of life can experience a Mental health issue – illness and wellness do not discriminate. But, if more people talk about it the better it will be.


I’ll be writing more, time to time on this topic as well as writing my usual doses of Flash Fiction.


So, thanks for reading folks and have a great week!


~ V :)





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Writing Comp’s, Degree’s and I must be Mad!


My mind has been jumping lately, going in directions that are spurring me forward on one hand, but also wrecking total havoc with my concentration on the other.


Well, I entered my first ever writing competition for a UK writing magazine… I expect to get nowhere (really!), but it felt good giving it a go and left me feeling  proud when I hit the send button (it was good to see something through to the end).

Happily, they run a comp every month and I will keep entering as it’s a new step forward. The word counts are a tad longer than what I write here, and I have to see it as gaining a bit more writing experience in another way.

Another distraction has been my willing decision to go and get my Creative Writing degree. I’ve applied to Adult ED for an Access to Higher Education course and,  hopefully, I’ll be accepted, and then it’s on to Uni: That’s the plan anyway! Whether it goes as smoothly as that is another matter entirely! We’ll see.

I’m glad to be making ‘Writing’ progress: The comp, the course; all with the goal in mind to become a better/good writer. It’s all very exciting – although starting college fills me with absolute dread – It still feels good to be making plans.

Okay folks, I will leave it here, thanks for reading, leave a comment if you wish and enjoy your week!

~ V :)


Chosen? Noooooo!

Genre: Humour/Humor


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

photo: © Barbara.W.Beacham

Chosen? Noooooo!


The petroglyphs told the story of an unusual event, yes, they certainly did. it was the biyearly event that always sent waves of joy – and fear (for good reason) – across all the land: It was indeed that time again, time for the second annual event, which people rejoiced in, (or plain dreaded), for the mating ritual of the holiest of holiest: The Sacred Pigeons.

Each of  the 12 Tribe-Leaders eldest son’s had the unenviable task of potentially becoming the ‘Chosen’ one. They would all form a circle and the most revered Pigeon of them all  (the grey one) would fly high above their heads. The one it decided to crap on, was then, by rights, ‘Chosen’.

The Sacred Pigeon ritual mating is a symbol of abundance, good fortune, health and fertility. But, to the ‘Chosen’ one, it’s none of these things. As now that he is the official mating overseer – (making sure it goes smoothly, plus having enough birdseed on hand for when the Pigeons need a break) – to him, it was nothing but embarrassment, sheer humiliation, plain bad luck and total misery, to which he is sure of, he’ll never recover from!!


* * *

Prompt by ‘Monday’s Finish the Story’ here. It’s fun, come and join in! :)









Writer’s, Author’s & a Degree in English!

A degree

A degree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have to have a Degree in English to be a Writer/Author?… I hope not, as I certainly do not have one and yesterday my whole thinking process, believing I could only make it if I did have a Degree, left me feeling depressed. But…

I aired this issue with my Father today, starting with my regret at not studying hard enough at School, plus not getting good grades in English. So, feeling down, I went on to ask him if he thinks I could still write and he was very pragmatic and told me that an English Degree wasn’t necessary, how anyone from any walk of life could be and are authors. A couple of examples he gave was retired folk, housewives and general writing hobbyists with less formal education Re; a University Degree. Dad really believes this (so he wasn’t just being nice because I’m his daughter!).

I love writing – there’s such a sense of achievement and it’s challenging to push myself more and more with each story I write. I don’t see it as a chore (except for the proofreading, editing, category and tag selecting etc…), and it’s the creative side of my nature that’s taken to it over other areas I’ve done in the past like paint.

So, is going to Uni and getting a BA in English the only way to become good enough? It may be: It would help with learning sentence structure, word placement, grammar and so on, but it wouldn’t help if there is a lack of inspiration and drive to write already present. But, if there is, would getting that Degree increase chances of success? (Reading the novel I am right now from an author who studied at Oxford, isn’t helping much).

Maybe the less formally educated makes for trying that bit harder, but I will always envy those whose command of English comes more smoothly and easily. All I can do is keep writing, keep working at it and hope that what I write, degree or no degree, will still help me progress in my writing career.

Thanks for reading guys, and as always, you’re more than welcome to leave your thoughts.

~ V :)